A complaint may be filed by any party who believes that an accredited or initial applicant school is not in compliance with ACCSC requirements. Schools that are accredited by ACCSC are required to have a published procedure for handling student complaints. An overview of the Complaint Procedure is available here.

While it is not required for a student to file a complaint with a school to file a complaint with ACCSC, a school’s complaint process may lead to a more personal resolution of an issue. 

If you have questions about the complaint process, contact ACCSC at


All complaints must be received by the Commission in writing. Review the steps contained in
the ACCSC Complaint Form. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Commission will forward a copy of the complaint to the school for a response.

Schools are given a period of time upon receipt of the complaint to prepare a response addressing the alleged areas of non-compliance with the Commission’s requirements.

In all cases, both the school and complainant are notified of the final disposition of the complaint.

Although one possible outcome of the complaint process may be the resolution of a dispute
between parties, the Commission does not act as an arbitrator or mediator and does not intervene in cases of disciplinary action or dismissal or review decisions in such matters as admission, grades, graduation, fees, and similar cases.

In reviewing the allegations and the school’s response, the Commission looks to determine
whether a school is in compliance with the ACCSC Standards of Accreditation.


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