The accreditation process is an entirely voluntary assessment of an institution’s curricula, operations, and faculty qualifications, evaluated within a peer-reviewed framework of criteria established via the Standards of Accreditation. ACCSC accreditation promotes self-evaluation and accountability, enhancing the school’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement.


Accredited Schools

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The Standards of


The ACCSC hallmarks of quality by which post-secondary career schools are evaluated

Initial Accreditation


The eligibility requirements and first steps of the accreditation process.

Renewal of


The documentation necessary, including required exhibits and listing of substantive changes, to renew ACCSC accreditation.


Application Process

Frequently asked questions and an overview of the application process, beginning with the Pre-Workshop Application for Initial Applicant Schools.

ACCSC’s Continued Recognition by the U.S. Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education, on behalf of the Secretary of Education, has again recognized ACCSC as a reliable authority concerning the quality of education or training offered by its accredited institutions and has extended ACCSC’s term of recognition to 2026.

Call for Nominations – ACCSC Commissioner


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