ACCSC-accredited institutions focus on vocational, technical, and career-oriented programs. Students who attend an ACCSC-accredited school can expect to take part in a learning environment that highlights training in practical application to learn job-related skills taught by instructors with work experience in the field.

The ACCSC-accreditation process expects institutions to meet certain student achievement benchmarks and to demonstrate that established quality standards are met. Institutions are held to these expectations as a means to ensure that students receive the training and services needed to be successful in their chosen fields of study. 

Prospective students interested in attending an ACCSC-accredited institution are encouraged to contact the institution directly to learn about the school’s admission requirements, mission, program offerings, and student services. Prospective students should make a significant effort to make a good and informed decision about enrolling I any school. Ask questions to make sure the school and its programs align with your career and employment goals, can meet your specific needs and short- and long-term goals as a student and future employee. Make sure you will be able to meet the expectations of the school in terms of academics, attendance, conduct, and training. Read the school’s catalog and enrollment agreement before making any commitment to enroll in the school. Also, make sure you know and fully understand any financial aid and loan repayment requirements ensuring to read all financial aid forms and loan repayment paperwork in full before signing any enrollment agreement.

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