ACCSC has made an effort towards facilitating continuing education and training opportunities for graduates from ACCSC-accredited institutions, including the expectation that its accredited institutions establish fair and equitable transfer of credit policies. ACCSC has met with key representatives from organizations across higher education and the government to discuss increasing the options that are available to students and graduates from ACCSC-accredited institutions who are interested in continuing their education.

ACCSC strongly encourages educational leaders across all of higher education to create fair and effective transfer of credit policies that meet the needs of students, as well as support a student’s ability to transition credits seamlessly when choosing to transfer schools.

The ACCSC Standards of Accreditation explicitly require accredited institutions to publish the school’s transfer-of-credit policy in its catalog and to clearly communicate the criteria and process for evaluating and accepting credits earned at other institutions for transfer.

If you are looking to transfer previous credits to an ACCSC-accredited institution, the school’s transfer of credit policy should be included in the school’s catalog. If you want to transfer credits to a school that is not accredited by ACCSC, contact that school to learn about its transfer of credit policy.


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