How We Do It

Our Commitment to Our Principles

Peer Review
Creating a community committed to best practices and student achievement

Creating a pathway for a reflective and introspective journey of discovery

Continuous Improvement
Driving a commitment to continually find ways to do better on that journey

Ensuring that best practices translate to student success

Requiring institutions to meet best practices and to do for students what they say they will do

Our Commitment to Our Intentions

Mission, Vision, Values
Ensuring that ACCSC fulfills its mission and vision within our core values framework.

Students First
Placing students at the center of the accreditation process and asking “how will this impact students?” when making decisions.

Meeting our mission & doing our very best.

Member Support
Supporting institutional and student success while exploring trends, innovations, and opportunities

Positioning ACCSC as a significant thought and action leader for the present and future of accreditation

Our Commitment to Our Core Values

Accomplishing our mission with a commitment to ethics, honesty, trust, consistency, and fairness.

Fulfilling our responsibilities to one another, the higher education community, and the public

Continuous Improvement
Cultivating personal and professional growth through learning, goal setting, innovation, commitment and participation.

Fostering a free and timely exchange of ideas and information in a collegial environment through the establishment of strong partnerships that emphasize respect and mutual support.


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