To provide an opportunity for the school to conduct a comprehensive self-evaluation and draft findings for improvement.
To provide an opportunity for ACCSC to conduct a comprehensive evaluation to verify the information provided by the school and to assess how well the school meets its educational objectives and the Standards of Accreditation.

Renewal of Accreditation Process:

  • Schools currently accredited by ACCSC start the accreditation renewal process approximately one year prior to its renewal date by attending a Renewal of Accreditation Workshop and are assigned to a scheduled workshop based upon their scheduled renewal date and location.
  • ACCSC staff sends accreditation renewal planning notices with the school’s assigned workshop date to ensure proper planning for school management. 
  • The school receives an accreditation renewal notice, or Workshop Assignment Letter, approximately 45 days prior to the workshop that includes information on registering for the workshop along with applicable due dates for the renewal process.
  • A school that is faithfully engaged in the renewal of accreditation process and meeting all requirements of that process continues to be accredited if the school’s term of accreditation has exceeded the period of time last granted by the Commission (Section VII (B)(6) Rules of Process and Procedure, Standards of Accreditation).
  • Due 45 days after attending the Accreditation Workshop in accordance with prescribed timeframes in the Workshop Assignment Letter.
  • In accordance with prescribed timeframes in the Workshop Assignment Letter, schools are required to complete and provide to the Commission a Self-Evaluation Report.
  • Additional details regarding the Self-Evaluation Report can be found in the Application for Renewal of Accreditation Acknowledge Letter.
  • ACCSC will attempt to schedule the on-site visit 2‐3 months following the submission of the Self‐Evaluation Report.
  • The On-Site Evaluation is to verify data in the school’s reports, applications, responses, and any other information submitted to the Commission; seek additional information; and, in general, develop an understanding and perform an assessment of how well the school meets its objectives and the Standards of Accreditation. ACCSC compiles and maintains a list of qualified on-site evaluators and, to the extent practicable, will match their qualifications with the schools they evaluate. 
  • This report summarizes the team’s observations from its on‐site evaluation to the school. The report is typically sent to the school within 60 days following the on‐site evaluation.
  • The On-Site Evaluation Report is a factual report and summary of the on-site evaluation team’s findings as to the school’s compliance with accrediting standards. Each member of the on-site evaluation team contributes to the On-Site Evaluation Report for those phases of the on-site evaluation for which the member is responsible. The On-Site Evaluation Report represents the combined findings of the team.

The school has an opportunity to respond to the On-Site Evaluation Report and to submit any information and documentation that the school may wish to place before the Commission in order to demonstrate compliance with accreditation standards.

The Commission meets regularly to review the materials of each school on the agenda, which will include the On-Site Evaluation Report and school’s response along with any other pertinent information that may affect the accreditation decision. 

The Commission’s decision is articulated in a letter and serves as the official record of the Commission’s consideration. The letter is issued approximately 30 days after the conclusion of the Commission meeting and contains detailed information regarding the school’s accredited status and any response requirements.


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