In cases where the Commission has made a determination that a school is out of compliance with accreditation standards and other requirements, the Commission may place a school on Probation. 
  • A school subject to a Probation Order will be required to demonstrate corrective action and compliance with accrediting standards. 
  • The Commission may require a school to submit Commission-directed reports and receive on-site evaluation teams in conjunction with a Probation Order. 
  • Failure to demonstrate compliance with accrediting standards or other accrediting requirements by the end of the probationary period may result in the school being removed from the accredited list.

A school subject to Probation must within seven days of receipt inform current and prospective students in writing that the school has been placed/continued on Probation, provide a summary of the reasons for the Probation, and indicate where the action can be obtained from the Commission’s website.

Schools Currently On Probation:

The following school is currently in the appeals process. Per ACCSC Standards of Accreditation, an accredited school remains accredited, operating under a Probation Order, until the final disposition of the appeal.


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