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ACCSC New Student & Graduate Letters

The Commission has created a series of letters designed to provide useful information for students and graduates of ACCSC-accredited institutions.

 The ACCSC New Student Letter extends the Commission's congratulations to newly enrolled students on their decision to advance their education at an ACCSC-accredited institution, explains what accreditation means, and provides information regarding the role that ACCSC plays in supporting and enhancing the student educational experience. ACCSC-accredited institutions are encouraged to incorporate this letter with any existing orientation packet that is provided to new students.

The ACCSC Graduation Letter extends the Commission’s sincere congratulations to graduates on the successful completion of their studies at an ACCSC-accredited institution and reminds graduates to keep in touch with the institution as a means to provide feedback regarding the educational program, the graduate’s success in the workplace, or any need for assistance in securing employment. ACCSC-accredited institutions are encouraged to include this letter with any graduation packet this is provided to students.