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Volunteers of the Year

This award recognizes individuals from the ACCSC membership who have made significant contributions to career education through his or her dedication to, and support of, the accreditation process.

ACCSC truly understands that one of the primary reasons why we are successful as an organization is because of the dedication and support of our community of volunteers. Without the support that we receive from our accredited member institutions, and the active involvement of our volunteers, this organization would struggle to fulfill our mission.

2012 Volunteers of the Year

The Volunteers of the Year Award is an award which recognizes individuals from the ACCSC community who have made significant contributions to career education through his or her dedication to, and support of, the accreditation process. This year, the Commission is pleased to recognize two outstanding individuals who have dedicated their time and significant talents to supporting the mission of ACCSC, Andrew Vignone and Dr. Mildred Lane.

Andrew Vignone
Corinthian Colleges, Inc.
ACCSC Team Leader

Andy Vignone currently serves as the Director of Special Projects for Corinthian Colleges, Inc. and has served as an ACCSC Team Leader since 2010. In two short years, Andy has participated on 37 on-site evaluations on behalf of the Commission, and as one of ACCSC’s most dedicated evaluators, has continually demonstrated a willingness to support the mission and vision of ACCSC.

Andy is known at the Commission as a staunch believer in the peer review process of accreditation and since joining ACCSC’s volunteer ranks, has continually demonstrated an eagerness to give back to the industry that he says has provided him with an extremely worthwhile career. But it is Andy’s passion for the career college sector and the students we collectively serve that makes him an ideal candidate for recognition as a Volunteer of the Year. In fact, several of Andy’s colleagues have expressed that Andy’s career is defined by his passion for our schools, noting that he exhibits highest levels of professionalism and dedication to excellence in everything that he does.

Mildred Lane, Ed.D.
Duquesne University
ACCSC Education Specialist

Dr. Mildred “Millie” Lane, a Professor Emeritus of the School of Education’s Department of Counseling, Psychology, and Special Education at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has served as an ACCSC Education Specialist since 2005. Over the past seven (7) years, Millie has participated on 63 on-site evaluations to institutions seeking accreditation from the Commission.

Millie, one of ACCSC’s most active and dependable volunteers, is known for her keen insight of the accreditation process and her profound knowledge of the Standards of Accreditation. Over her years of service in support of the mission of the Commission, Millie has continually demonstrated a consistent, intuitive, and enthusiastic approach in her work making her an exceptional representative of ACCSC.

Please join ACCSC in recognizing Dr. Mildred “Millie” Lane and Andy Vignone as the 2012 Volunteers of the Year.