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School Closures / Voluntary Withdrawals

In accordance with 34 CFR Section 602.26 (e), the Commission makes public information on school closures and decisions made by institutions to voluntarily withdraw from ACCSC.

ACCSC regularly publishes a list of accredited member institutions that voluntary withdrew from ACCSC, as well as those institutions that closed.

A school that is currently accredited by ACCSC may voluntarily withdraw from the Commission's list of accredited schools at any time.  With respect to school closures, ACCSC makes a concerted effort to work with any ACCSC-accredited member school, as well as with our regulatory partners at the state and federal level, to facilitate the teach-out of an institution that has notified the Commission that it will be closing.

  • Click here to view a list of Voluntary Withdrawals / School Closures*

*The Commission maintains this list for all actions from the preceding twelve months.