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Withdrawal / Denial of Accreditation

ACCSC's Public Notice on Withdrawal and Denial of Accreditation Actions provides a summary of the reasons for the Commission's adverse actions along with information pertaining to the ACCSC appeal process.

Pursuant to the Standards of Accreditation, the Commission, at the same time it notifies the school, will make public an action subject to appeal, with the exception of the denial of a substantive change application.

  • The Commission, no later than 60-days after a final decision to deny or withdraw accreditation, will provide upon request a summary of the reasons for the decision to the public, together with any comments submitted by the school.
  • A final decision to deny or withdraw accreditation is one reached after a school has exhausted the appeals process provided for under the Standards of Accreditation or that becomes effective after a school has failed to avail itself of its appeal rights within the prescribed time frame.
  • An accredited school remains accredited, operating under a Probation Order, until the final disposition of the appeal.

The following schools have received a denial or withdrawal of accreditation action from the Commission.


Denial of Accreditation - Subject to Appeal
  • No denial actions subject to appeal

Withdrawal of Accreditation - Subject to Appeal
Withdrawal of Accreditation - Under Appeal
  • No actions currently under appeal

Withdrawal of Accreditation - Pending Arbitration


Denial of  Accreditation
  • No denial actions in the preceding twelve months
Withdrawal of Accreditation

*The Commission maintains this list for all actions from the preceding twelve months.