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One of the unique characteristics of accreditation in the United States is the reliance upon a dedicated community of volunteers who support and enhance the accreditation process.

volunteer Opportunities

ACCSC is currently seeking volunteer evaluators to assist in conducting on‐site school evaluations to applicant and member institutions as part of the accreditation process.

  • Qualified educators and practitioners in various disciplines are in demand and urged to become involved in the peer‐review accreditation process focused primarily on post‐secondary, proprietary educational institutions across the country.

  • Individuals possessing advanced credentials in education, knowledge of principles of teaching or administration within public or private institutions of higher learning are being sought, as are individuals who possess strong vocational or administrative backgrounds.

Currently the following volunteer evaluator positions are available:


Team Leaders represent the ACCSC membership in the onsite evaluation process and are responsible for conducting a thorough evaluation of the managerial and administrative capacity of a school seeking accreditation from ACCSC.

The Team Leader Application package outlines the eligibility qualifications and application process for this important volunteer position.


Occupation Specialists perform the occupational review a specific vocational or technical program offered by an an institution seeking accreditation from ACCSC.  The Occupation Specialist joins the team only for a portion of the evaluation.

The Occupation Specialist Brochure outlines the qualifications,  expectations, and application process for this essential volunteer position.

If interested in becoming involved in the ACCSC on‐site evaluation process, please contact Maurya Scanlon, Volunteer Coordinator.