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ACCSC's Webinars provide an opportunity for the membership to hear updates regarding the Commission's recent initiatives and activities, as well as revisions to standards, policies, and procedures.

NEW!  Faculty Development Webinar Series:  Using Communication and Experiences to Meet Objectives in the Classroom

Part 1:  Understanding How to Work with A Diverse Group of Learners in the Classroom

During this webinar, participants will  learn about the fundamental and foundational elements that are key to developing a comprehensive communication strategy in the classroom, and how to ensure that as an educator, you are understood by a variety of learners.


Part II: All About Assessments:  Diversifying Assessments for Standardized Success

This webinar will provide participants with practical examples on how to develop and utilize an effective assessment strategy to enhance the learning process, and to strengthen student confidence and competence. This webinar will also provide participants with realistic solutions designed to support the creation and fostering of meaningful learning opportunities that ultimately are designed to help students be successful.


Part III:  Experiential Learning:  How to Create Meaningful Learning for Classroom and Post-Graduation Success
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET

During this webinar, participants will have the opportunity to explore how experiential learning can be a powerful and transformative educational tool; how by effectively wielding experiential learning opportunities, a teacher can positively impact student learning and vocational competency; and how to leverage community resources to set up unique learning experiences and opportunities for students.


Part IV:  Empowering Students to Success in the Classroom

During this webinar, participants will learn more about effective intervention strategies designed to help institutions to establish a multi-channel communication strategy that involves the school's entire support system centered on individual student success.


ACCSC Best Practices Webinar:
Success Strategies for Degree Granting Institutions

This webinar provides practical guidance to ACCSC-accredited institutions that are either considering applying for degree authorization for the first time, or that are seeking to apply for a different degree level than what is currently offered at the institution. The webinar also outlines helpful hints and strategies designed to assist institutions to demonstrate to ACCSC the establishment of the enhanced infrastructure required to accommodate the addition of a degree program.

ACCSC Webinar Series:  Conversation with the Executive Director
April 6, 2017

Webinar Topics:
  • ACCSC's 50th Anniversary
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Update on the Accrediting Commission's Strategic Plan
  • Increased Member Services and Support
  • 2017 Professional Development Conference

Webinar Recording

ACCSC Webinar Series:  Using Learning Styles to Meet Objectives in the Classroom

A four-part webinar series presented by Cyanna

Using Learning Styles to Meet Objectives in the Classroom is presented in an asynchronous fashion via four one-hour webinar sessions.  This webinar series covers  a diverse array of topics from basic theories to writing performance objectives, mapping learning activities, and assessments. Institutions are encouraged to maintain a copy of an instructor sign-in sheet for all faculty members who engage in any, or all of, the four modules and save a copy of the certificate from each module in each instructor's file.

Module I: Basic Learning Theories

During this webinar, participants will have an opportunity to learn about the principles of Behaviorism, Constructivism, as well as the Social Learning Theory. This webinar will focus on the background of these theories and discuss how faculty can effectively utilize them in the classroom. Participants will also be provided with examples of how to successfully implement these principles, as well as the steps to help create a more engaging educational experience.

Module Two:Writing Relevant Performance Objectives

This webinar focuses on how to properly write performance objectives as well as to how to address cognitive, psychomotor, and affective learning styles when developing performance objectives. During the webinar, participants are provided with examples as the presenters break the process down into steps to help faculty to develop sound expectations for course and learners.

Module Three:Creating your Course: Mapping Activities to Objectives

This webinar provides participants with an opportunity to discuss how to plan, identify, and map activities to align with established performance objectives in order to ensure complete objective coverage through learning activities. This webinar will also help faculty to develop or revise a road map for course development, and to help create an objective-driven course, while diversifying activities in order to maintain a high-level of student engagement.

Module Four:All About Assessments

Building on the previous webinars, the final session will focus on building on the success of established or revised performance objectives and activities, and developing appropriate assessments that effectively evaluate objectives. Participants will have an opportunity to learn how to determine and develop engaging assessments that go beyond basic simple answer and multiple choice styles.  Participants will learn how to begin to adapt some assessments to increase the engagement and performance of their learners while ensuring that objectives are being appropriately covered.

ACCSC Webinar
Be Realistic, Be Ready:  Success Strategies for Schools in the ACCS
C-Accreditation Process

Learn about the most common findings of non-compliance during the accreditation process, as well as the strategies developed by high performing institutions to demonstrate compliance when responding to an on-site evaluation report. 

ACCSC Webinar: 
Focusing on Successful Student Achievement

Blueprint for Success Webinar:  Preparing for the On-Site Evaluation

  • A live recording* of the March 3, 2016 Webinar is available here.
  • The slides from the webinar presentation are available here.
  • The Blueprint Series Publication is available here.

Topics include:

  • Identifying On-Site Evaluation Team Members
  • What to Expect During the Onsite Evaluation
  • Key Compliance Areas
*The Q and A session of the webinar is audio only (the video is not included in the recording).

Best Practices Webinar: Independent Third-Party Verification

  • A live recording of the  90-minute August 5, 2015 webinar is available here.
  • The slides from the webinar presentation are available here.

Topics Include:

  • Trends in Student Achievement Compliance Findings 
  • The Independent Third Party Verification Process
  • Independent Verification Results: A First Look at the Data
  • Best Practices / Lessons Learned

Preparing a Comprehensive Degree Application

February 9, 2015

During this webinar, ACCSC Commissioner Dr. Julie Basler discussed helpful tips and strategies for schools who are considering submitting a degree application or are in the process of preparing a degree application submission for Commission consideration.

Please click here for the presentation slides.

A Conversation with the Executive Director
December 17, 2013

  • Transparency Initiative
  • Independent Third-Party Verification of Employment
  • Commission's Strategic Planning Program of Work
  • External Affairs Update
  • Member Services:  New Student Letter

Preparing a Comprehensive Response for Commission Consideration
October 8, 2013

  • Click here to view the Slides from the webinar.
  • Click here to access the Blueprint for Success Brochure: Preparing a Comprehensive Response for Commission Consideration

Webinar Topics include:

  • An Accreditor's Perspective;
  • Keys to a Successful Response;
  • Effective Response Models;
  • Answering How and Why Questions;
  • Documentation Strategies; and
  • Case Studies: An Overview of Best Practices in Preparing a Response.

Webinar:  A Conversation with the Executive Director
July 30, 2013

The July 30th Webinar covers the following topics:

  • The July 1, 2013 Accreditation Alert
  • Accreditation Spotlight:  Program Advisory  Committees
  • The 2013 ACCSC Annual Report
  • An Update on the Commission's External Affairs Activities
  • ACCSC On-the-Road
  • Focus on Membership Services

Webinar:  A Conversation with the Executive Director
April 30, 2013
The April 30th webinar covers the following topics:

  • Commissioner Election and Appointment
  • Update on ACCSC Standards and Policies
  • An update on the Commission's External Affairs Activities
  • ACCSC On-the-Road
  • Focus on Membership Services

Webinar: A Conversation with the Executive Director
November 28, 2012

Topics include updates on:

  • the Commission's External Affairs Initiatives
  • ACCSC Standards and Policy Revisions
    • Admissions Documentation
    • Effect of Substantive Changes
    • Faculty Grandfathering Provisions
  • Membership Services

Webinar:  A Conversation with the Executive Director
July 17, 2012

  • New Website
    • Student Corner
    • ACCSC Graduation Letter
    • Social Media: ACCSC Launches Facebook / Twitter Pages
  • Expanding Our Team: Director of Member Services / Volunteer Coordinator / Institutional Development Assistant Positions
  • Revisions to the Standards of Accreditation
    • Student Achievement Rates
    • Catalog Disclosures: Definition of a Credit Hour
  • An Overview of the 6th Annual Professional Development Conference
    • September 10-12, 2012 – San Diego, California
  • Online Member Forum: Questions and Answers

Webinar:  A Conversation with the Executive Director
April 30, 2012 Slides
  • New School Commissioners
  • Definition of a Credit Hour
  • Avocational/Continuing Education Course Approval
  • Admissions Policies
  • English as a Second Language
  • Guidelines for Employment Classification
  • External Affairs Activities
  • External Constituent Activities
  • Professional Development Conference

Webinar:  Maximizing Program Advisory Committees
March 30, 2011

  • Understanding the Role of Program Advisory Committees
  • Identifying and Recruiting PAC Members
  • Planning for a Successful Meeting
  • Maintaining and Improving Program Advisory Committee Effectiveness
  • Retaining, Rewarding, and Recognizing Members
  • How to Respond to a Commission Action

Webinar: Best Practices in Accreditation
July 6, 2010

This webinar is designed to challenge the way an institution thinks about, prepares for and engages in the accreditation process, and provides a forum for ACCSC to share best practices of high performing accredited institutions.

Webinar: Preparing an Effective Response for Commission Consideration
January 28, 2010

  • Preparing and Organizing Your Response
  • Using Data to Conduct a Qualitative Analysis
  • Effective Response Strategies
  • Advice from the ACCSC Staff
  • Timelines to Respond
  • Comm

    ission Actions

Webinar: Preparing for the Onsite Evaluation
November 5, 2009

  • Socializing Expectations: Understanding the Purpose of the Onsite Evaluation
  • Identifying the Roles and Areas of Focus of Onsite Evaluation Team Members
  • Communication Strategies: Interacting with the Onsite Evaluation Team
  • A Review of Best Practices: Document Preparation, Organization of Materials, and File and Record Maintenance
  • How to Ensure Faculty and Staff are Prepared for the Onsite Evaluation

Webinar:  The ACCSC Graduation and Employment Chart
July 20, 2009

  • How to Determine Reporting Periods
  • How to Successfully Complete the Graduation and Employment Chart
  • Verifiable Records of Initial Employment: Examples

Webinar:  Preparing Electronic Submissions for Commission Consideration
May 7, 2009

This Webinar is designed to assist schools in preparing electronic submissions for Commission consideration and  focuses specifically on preparing the Application for Renewal of Accreditation.