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Staff Listing

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) is located in the Courthouse Neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia.

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ACCSC Staff by Department

Executive Office

Accreditation Department

Operations Department

Institutional Review and Development

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Executive Office

Michale S. McComis, Ed.D.

Executive Director
(703) 247-4520

Christopher D. Lambert
Associate Executive Director
External Affairs; Public Relations; Press Inquiries; Policy Initiatives
(703) 247-4516

Karen Marcinski
Director of Member Services
Workshops and Conferences; Teach-Outs; Publications; Webinars

Michelle Ragnetti
Conference and Events Coordinator
Executive Office / External Affairs
Workshops; Meetings; Professional Development Conference
(703) 247-4527

Accreditation Department

Corey Rosso
Director of Accreditation
Departmental Oversight; Volunteer Recruitment; Onsite Evaluations; Commission Meetings
(703) 247-4507

Bettina Falwell
Associate Director of Accreditation
Operational Oversight, Appeals; Onsite Evaluations; Commission Meetings; Stipulations; Certificates of Accreditation
(703) 247-4538

Lisa Miles
Senior Manager of Accreditation
Workshops; Commission Meetings; Team Summary Reports

Jaye Bishop
Senior Accreditation Coordinator
Initial Applicants; Onsite Evaluations; Commission Meetings
(703) 247-4506

Elizabeth Brennan
Accreditation Coordinator
Applications for Accreditation, On-Site Evaluations

Erik Embrey
Accreditation Coordinator
Applications for Accreditation, On-Site Evaluations

Mary Jolliffe-Henry
Senior Accreditation Specialist
Applications for Accreditation; On-Site Evaluations

Allison Price
Accreditation Coordinator
Applications for Accreditation, On-Site Evaluations

Jason Sandlin
Accreditation Operations Coordinator
Operational Support; Visit Schedule; Volunteer Mailings; Team Summary Reports

Maurya Scanlon
Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Recruitment, Training, and Oversight

Mamoon Wahab
Accreditation Coordinator
Applications for Accreditation; On-Site Evaluations

Operations Department

Anne Santalla
Director of Operations
Human Resources; Budget; Office Administration
(703) 247-4532

Aillen King
Manager for Institutional Records
Institutional files and archives; Changes to school information; Records management; Voluntary Withdrawals and School Closures
(703) 247-4517

Mohammad Arif
Finance and Operations Coordinator
Accounts Payables; Status of Travel Reimbursement Requests
(703) 247-4535

Mayumi Brewster, MBA
Senior Coordinator of Institutional Records
Record Maintenance, School Files

Maurice Gatewood
Information Coordinator & IT Assistant
Record Maintenance, School Files, Electronic Submission Information (703) 247-4525

Elleni Kassa
Staff Accountant
Accounts Receivable/Payable; Dues; Billing
(703) 247-4504

Glenda Ward
Operations Coordinator
General Information, Office Administration

Institutional Review and Development

Juanita Gurubatham, Ph.D.
Director of Institutional Review and Development
Departmental Oversight; Distance Education Approvals; Separate Facilities; Degree Programs
(703) 247-4500

Alanna Marx
Senior Manager of Institutional Development
Substantive Change Reports; Non-Degree and Degree Program Approvals

Nora Delgado
Senior Analyst
Progress Reports, Complaints, Substantive Change Reports

Alicia DeMartini
Senior Analyst
Degree Applications, Distance Education Applications, Substantive Changes
(703) 625-7846

Lakisha Dillingham
Complaints, Progress Reports, Substantive Change Reports

Sean Forman
Senior Analyst
Annual Report, Progress Reports
(703) 247-4505

Jose Godoy
Senior Analyst
Complaints, Progress Reports, Substantive Change Reports

Nakisha Nichols
Financial Review Analyst
Financial Review Committee; Financial Statement Analysis

Rebecca Viands
Complaints, Progress Reports, Substantive Change Reports, On-Site Evaluations