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The Accreditation Process

The accreditation process is the cornerstone of ACCSC’s ability to continually ensure the high quality of education offered by its accredited institutions.

Preworkshop application

The Pre-Workshop Application for Initial Applicant Schools is the first step required for any institution seeking initial accreditation from ACCSC, or for any institution currently accredited by another institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education that is seeking initial accreditation from ACCSC.

Through the accreditation process, ACCSC assesses the effectiveness of an institution’s educational programs by evaluating the infrastructure that supports the delivery of programs as well as educational outcomes, including the rates of student achievement such as student graduation and graduate employment. Each of these factors is evaluated within the context of an institution’s stated mission.

  • The Commission’s self-evaluation process provides an assessment of the entire school and is conducted by members of the school's administration.

  • The process of self-evaluation is a required element of the accreditation process and is expected to be a significant and ongoing experience.

  • Through an introspective self-evaluation, an institution compares its programs and services to established standards and identifies areas of strength and needed improvement.

  • The results of the self-evaluation are verified on-site by a team of evaluators which provides an opportunity for discussion with school officials, faculty, staff, students, and other relevant individuals.

While ACCSC employs its own fact-finding methods to determine an institution’s compliance with accrediting standards, the burden rests with the institution to establish that it is meeting ACCSC’s standards before accreditation is conferred:

  • As part of the accreditation process, ACCSC issues a Team Summary Report which summarizes the school’s compliance with accrediting standards.

  • ACCSC-accredited institutions have an opportunity to respond to the Team Summary Report and to submit any information and documentation that the school may wish to place before the Commission in order to demonstrate compliance with accreditation standards.

  • The Commission meets regularly to review the materials of each school on its agenda and is concerned with the totality of each school, and views each school in accordance with all of the available information gathered through the accreditation process.