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Mission, Vision, and Core Values

ACCSC’s vision of accreditation is one that assesses and enhances educational quality, fosters innovation and creativity, and provides opportunities for collaboration and cooperation with accredited member institutions.

ACCSC’s mission is to serve as a reliable authority on educational quality and to promote enhanced opportunities for students by establishing, sustaining, and enforcing valid standards and practices which contribute to the development of a highly trained and competitive workforce through quality career oriented education.
ACCSC’s mission has two primary objectives:

  • To assure students and the general public of the quality of educational training provided by ACCSC-accredited institutions and their programs and

  • To assist institutions in continuously improving themselves and the training they provide students.

ACCSC stimulates, nurtures, verifies, and recognizes ongoing educational quality and integrity in institutions offering programs of a vocational and career-oriented nature. At the same time, ACCSC has a legacy of holding its accredited member institutions accountable for the quality of education provided and takes action when necessary and appropriate to revoke an institution’s accreditation when accrediting standards are not met.

As a way for the Commission to continually meet its mission in a committed fashion, ACCSC has established a values-based framework supported by the following foundational core values: Integrity, Accountability, Continuous Improvement, and Community. The Commission, its professional staff, and its corps of volunteers were all instrumental in developing these core values as a way to convey how we strive to go about our work. ACCSC uses the following definitions to give a deeper expression of its core values:


Accomplishing our mission with a commitment to ethics, honesty, trust, consistency, and fairness.


Fulfilling our responsibilities to one another, the higher education community, and the public.

Continuous Improvement

Cultivating personal and professional growth through learning, goal setting, innovation, commitment and participation.


Fostering a free and timely exchange of ideas and information in a collegial environment through the establishment of strong partnerships that emphasize respect and mutual support.