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Transfer of Credit

The Commission, as part of its member services, has made a concerted effort towards facilitating continuing education and training opportunities for graduates from ACCSC-accredited institutions.

More and more students seeking a quality, career focused postsecondary education are opting to enroll in programs offered by private, for-profit institutions, like ACCSC-accredited institutions, as a means to obtain entry-level skills needed to enter the workforce. However, when these students later seek to continue their education at a traditional college or university, they are often informed that the credit earned from their previous education is not transferable.

As part of our efforts as a recognized accrediting agency, ACCSC has drafted and distributed proposals regarding the importance of establishing fair and equitable transfer of credit policies, and has met with key members of Congress, as well as representatives from organizations across higher education, to discuss increasing the options that are made available to students and graduates from ACCSC-accredited institutions who are interested in continuing their education.

In conducting research, ACCSC developed a Transfer of Credit Policy Agenda which encourages educational leaders to create fair and effective transfer of credit policies that meet the diverse and complex needs of students, and support a student's ability to improve, develop, and advance seamlessly through the nation's higher education system.

The Commission also adopted standards regarding transfer-of-credit policies, including the requirement for ACCSC-accredited institutions to publish its transfer-of-credit policy in its catalog and to clearly communicate the criteria and process for evaluating and accepting credits earned at other institutions for transfer.

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