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Outstanding Volunteers

Outstanding Volunteer Award is an award which recognizes individuals from the ACCSC community who have made a significant contribution to career education through his or her dedication to, and support of, the accrediting process.

ACCSC Volunteers support and enhance the Commission's work in a variety of ways, including their active involvement in the accreditation process.  At the 2016 Professional Development Conference, ACCSC was afforded an opportunity to recognize its Outstanding Volunteers for their time, service, and commitment dedicated in support of peer review process of accreditation, as well as for their outstanding efforts to ensure that a quality education is provided for students attending an ACCSC-accredited institution.  

2016 Outstanding volunteers

Pamela Kraska
Daytona College
Ormond Beach, Florida

Pamela Kraska currently serves as the Compliance Officer and Regulatory Affairs Director for Daytona College in Ormond Beach, Florida, an ACCSC-accredited institution recognized by the Commission in 2015 as a School of Distinction. Pam is a longtime volunteer for ACCSC and over the years has proven herself to be an exceptional evaluator and passionate educator. Over the past few years, Pam has gone above and beyond what ACCSC asks of its volunteers, participating on a total of 86 on-site evaluations as a volunteer Team Leader. In her role as a Team Leader, Pam is known to be generous with her thoughts, ideas, and reflections on what it takes to be a high performing ACCSC-accredited institution. Pam is known not only to be reliable but she has a reputation of approaching on-site evaluations with patience, kindness, and understanding while still holding schools accountable to accrediting standards. 

Xin Li
DigiPen Institute of Technology
Redmond, Washington

Dr. Xin Li is a Professor in Computer Science and Senior VP of Academic Affairs at DigiPen Institute of Technology, an ACCSC-accredited institution located in Redmond, Washington. Since 2012, Xin has been one of ACCSC’s most dedicated and active volunteers, having participated on a total of 27 on-site evaluations. Throughout his involvement with ACCSC, it has been noted by those who have been fortunate to work with Xin that he exemplifies the Core Value of Continuous Improvement by consistently communicating effective strategies and recommendations to schools in the accreditation process in an effort to contribute to their ongoing development as an institution. Xin is an exceptional and objective evaluator and takes great care in communicating on a personal level with staff and faculty during the on-site evaluation, discussing professional growth opportunities for faculty, as well as identifying areas for institutional improvement.