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Volunteers of the Year

The Volunteers of the Year Award is an award which recognizes individuals from the ACCSC community who have made a significant contribution to career education through his or her dedication to, and support of, the accrediting process.

ACCSC Volunteers support and enhance the Commission's work in a variety of ways, including their active involvement in the accreditation process.  At the 2013 Professional Development Conference, ACCSC was afforded an opportunity to recognize its Volunteers of the Year for their time, service, and commitment dedicated in support of peer review process of accreditation, as well as for their outstanding efforts to ensure that a quality education is provided for students attending an ACCSC-accredited institution.  

2013 Volunteers of the Year

Mary Cano
Team Leader - Western Technical College - El Paso, Texas

Mary Cano joined Western Technical College in 1986 and currently serves as Executive Vice President. Mary has served as an ACCSC Team Leader since 2008, conducting 20 on-site evaluations on behalf of the Commission.

Throughout Mary’s five years as an ACCSC evaluator, she continually demonstrated the Commission’s Core Values and is considered to be, by both the staff and the Commission, one of ACCSC’s finest evaluators. Mary is known for her clear and deep understanding of career and technical education, understands the regulatory dynamics of our sector of education, and always comports herself with dignity and integrity.

Jack Connell
Education Specialist / Degree Committee Member


Jack Connell, who recently retired as the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs for the Ohio Board of Regents, has volunteered in support of ACCSC’s peer review process in a variety of different capacities over the years, including serving as a member of the Degree Committee and as an Education Specialist. In his capacity as an Education Specialist, Jack has participated on 43 on-site evaluations on behalf of the Commission since 2010.

Jack has continually demonstrated a consistent approach and keen insight in support of ACCSC, making him an exceptional representative of the peer review system of accreditation. Jack is especially known for his thoroughness and attention to detail, as well as his belief in accreditation, making him an outstanding representative of ACCSC.