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Volunteers of the Year

The Volunteers of the Year Award is an award which recognizes individuals from the ACCSC community who have made a significant contribution to career education through his or her dedication to, and support of, the accrediting process.

ACCSC Volunteers support and enhance the Commission's work in a variety of ways, including their active involvement in the accreditation process.  At the 2014 Professional Development Conference, ACCSC was afforded an opportunity to recognize its Volunteers of the Year for their time, service, and commitment dedicated in support of peer review process of accreditation, as well as for their outstanding efforts to ensure that a quality education is provided for students attending an ACCSC-accredited institution.  

2014 Volunteers of the Year

Nancy Bradley, ACCSC Team Leader
Nancy Bradley is Co-Owner of Daytona College in Ormond Beach, Florida and currently serves as the Chair of the Commission for Independent Education with the Florida Department of Education. Nancy has been an ACCSC Team Leader since 1998 and earned Team Leader of the Year honors in 2000. Since 2000, she has demonstrated her continued commitment to the accreditation process through serving on countless on-site evaluations, serving on the Nominating Committee, and serving on the Standing Appeals Panel. Nancy exemplifies the knowledge, integrity, and dignity that member institutions have come to expect from an ACCSC Team Leader. Nancy is a respected champion of the accreditation process by ACCSC staff and her thoughtfulness and tact allows her to effectively lead the institutional on-site evaluation process in a positive and meaningful way. Nancy’s wealth of knowledge and experience within postsecondary career education and long term ACCSC Team Leader volunteerism provides an incredible resource for those who have the pleasure of working with her as a fellow team member and evaluator.

Jerry Atkinson, Ph.D., ACCSC Education Specialist

Dr. Jerry Atkinson has worked and volunteered in vocational education for well over four decades. His humble beginnings as a teacher, coordinator, and dean for community colleges in the state of Colorado ultimately prepared him for the management of 400 technical, trade, and industrial education programs at both secondary and post-secondary levels for the Colorado Community College & Occupational Education System. 

After retiring in 2002, Dr. Atkinson sought to volunteer towards ACCSC’s peer review process in a variety of different capacities. In 1980, Dr. Atkinson began serving as an ACCSC Education Specialist, was selected as the 2003 Education Specialist of the Year, and was appointed to a four year term as an ACCSC public Commissioner from 2006-2010. During his time as Commissioner, Dr. Atkinson brought forward his consistent approach and keen insight in the Commission review process and as both a Commissioner and Chair of the Degree Committee. In 2012, Dr. Atkinson returned to the peer review process as Education Specialist and since that time he has participated on 25 on-site evaluations. Jerry Atkinson is an outstanding representative of ACCSC and the Commission appreciates his dedication to ACCSC over the years.

John Ware, ACCSC Degree Committee

John Ware has served as Executive Director of the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools since 1997 and is responsible for the oversight and regulation of Ohio's 250 career colleges and schools. In addition to being a member of ACCSC’s Degree Committee since its inception in December 2008, John is also active on many state and national education organizations including currently serving as President of the National Association of State Administrators and Supervisors of Private Schools (NASASPS) whose mission is to improve and promote effective state regulation of private postsecondary education. In this role, John has been instrumental in enhancing the coordination and communication between state regulatory agencies, accrediting bodies such as ACCSC, and the United States Department of Education. 

John’s review and feedback on degree applications contributes to ACCSC member schools’ continuous improvement in academic offerings and his understanding of career education contributes to his thoughtful analysis of even the most complex applications. Most recently, John provided assistance to ACCSC as the organization considered the review and modification of degree standards. As evidenced in John’s six years as an ACCSC volunteer and his work with career schools at the state level, John has been a tremendous supporter of ACCSC’s mission to assure students and the general public of the quality of educational training received at accredited member institutions.