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Staff Member of the Year

This award is given to the ACCSC staff member who has made a significant contribution to the work of the Commission and serves as a role model by exemplary work ethic, daily performance, and a professional commitment.

2012 Staff Member of the Year

Lisa Miles
Manager of Accreditation

Lisa Miles began working with ACCSC in November 1996 and over the past 16 years has conducted nearly 300 on-site evaluations on behalf of the Commission. As the Manager of Accreditation, Lisa's primary responsibilities include the oversight and management of the accreditation process for both member institutions and initial applicants, as well as the coordination of subsequent follow-up verification activities that include degree program activities and separate facility reviews. In addition to her primary responsibilities, Lisa plays a critical role in supporting the Commission’s policy work, volunteer coordination and training initiatives, and on a daily basis, providing leadership to the organization. Suffice to say, Lisa is a valued and respected member of the Commission’s professional staff who has dedicated her career to supporting the mission, vision, and core values of ACCSC.

Please join ACCSC in recognizing Lisa Miles as the 2012 ACCSC Staff Member of the Year.