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Schools of Excellence

This award recognizes ACCSC-accredited institutions for their efforts in demonstrating a high level of achievement among their students and a commitment to the accreditation process.

The School of Excellence Award recognizes ACCSC-accredited institution for their commitment to the expectations and rigors of ACCSC accreditation, as well as the efforts made by the institution in maintaining high-levels of achievement among their students. In order to be eligible for the School of Excellence Award, an ACCSC-accredited institution must meet the conditions of renewing accreditation without any finding of non-compliance, satisfy all requirements necessary to be in good standing with the Commission, and demonstrate that the majority of the schools’ student graduation and graduate employment rates for all programs offered meet or exceed the average rates of graduation and employment among all ACCSC-accredited institutions.  As previously announced by ACCSC, each of the 2016 Schools of Excellence qualified for an additional 6th year of accreditation.

The 2016 Schools of Excellence were recognized by ACCSC at the 10th Annual Professional Development Conference hosted in September 2016 in San Diego, California. 

2016 Schools of Excellence

Airman's Proficiency Center
Hillsboro, Oregon

Capri College
Dubuque, Iowa

Flint Institute of Barbering, Inc.
Flint, Michigan

Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art
Dover, New Jersey

Lynnes Welding Training
Bismark, North Dakota

Mind Body Institute
Nashville, Tennessee

MotoRing Technical Training Institute
Seekonk, Massachusetts

Mountain Ridge Helicopters
Logan, Utah

Nashville College of Medical Careers
Madison, Tennessee

National Tractor Trailer School
Buffalo, New York

Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics
Vienna, Ohio

School of Automotive Machinists
Houston, Texas

Traxler's School of Hair
Jackson, Mississippi

Welder Training and Testing Institute
Allentown, Pennsylvania