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Excellence in Community Service Award

The ACCSC Excellence in Community Service Award is designed to recognize ACCSC-accredited institutions that have made outstanding contributions to their local community through service initiatives.

ACCSC excellence in Community Service Award

Each year the Commission seeks nominations from accredited member institutions for consideration of  the ACCSC Excellence in Community Service Award.  In selecting a winner for this award,  the Commission considers several compelling aspects, such as:

  • The scope of community service initiatives;

  • The impact of the service initiatives on the school's education programs;
  • The level of commitment of a school to its community; and

  • A demonstration of how the initiative touched the personal lives of school personnel, students, or community members.

2015 Excellence in Community Service Award

Northwest Lineman College
Oroville, California

At Northwest Lineman College, it’s always considered time well spent. School officials and training specialists are always actively seeking ways in which they can introduce a “give back” approach to the student body and provide them with opportunities to improve their professional profiles. Thus, each student is to complete participation in an organized service to the community at least once throughout their term. The development and organization of the projects are handed to the class president with the intention of evolving the leadership skills necessary for a large-scale project. Participation in a community service project is not just a requirement for the students but it allows them to grow in character, develop problem-solving skills, and increase their understanding of civic responsibility. In a small town where chivalry and community service efforts were slowly starting to fade, Northwest Lineman College has made an impact in the community and has contributed to an encouraging change within Oroville. The linemen have created not only a positive image for themselves and the school but also a positive and uplifting reputation within the community. 

2014 excellence in Community Service Award

Concorde Career College - North Hollywood, California

Throughout the year, Concorde Career College’s community service initiatives include various activities which are designed to nurture students’ sense of caring and giving while positively impacting the local community. Most notably, in 2014 Concorde partnered with EduLife Institute to attempt to break a world record of training over 20,000 people in CPR in one day. Over 300 students and staff participated in the “CPR Block Party;” although they fell short of breaking the record, the event resulted in 19,533 participants receiving CPR training at five Metro Stations in the City of Los Angeles. However, the “CPR Block Party” continued into the next day, with the final tally coming to over 23,000 community members trained in CPR. Based on the success of the “CPR Block Party,” the Mayor of Los Angeles asked them to make it an annual event. Along with their other initiatives within their community, Concorde Career College’s efforts have aided in promoting a healthier lifestyle and encouraged preventative care.