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Institutional Enhancement Workshop

This workshop is designed as a means to assist ACCSC-accredited institutions to become stronger and better institutions, and to challenge the way an institution thinks about, prepares for, and engages in the accreditation process.

Faculty Development WOrkshops

Sponsored by ACCSC Member Services

Membership Support is one of the Four Pillars of ACCSC's Strategic Plan. As part of that support, the Commission developed regional Enhancement Workshops in order to provide local opportunities for faculty development and tools and resources that faculty can bring back to utilize at their institution.

In 2015, the Commission is proud to present 5 workshops around the country designed specifically for faculty and educational administrators from ACCSC-accredited schools. These workshops are a complimentary professional development opportunity for faculty of all ACCSC-accredited schools!*

Visit the event website for more information and to register.

*Workshop capacity is limited to 45 persons per workshop and registration is first-come, first-serve when available. In order to allow all the opportunity to attend, schools are requested to register a maximum of 2 people per workshop; if seats are available within 7 days of the workshop, participants will be notified of additional registration availability.                           

Puerto Rico Enhancement Workshop

Participants from the workshop in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on May 28 - 29 may download the additional presentation materials here.

Materials that were sent via e-mail prior to the workshop are available for download here.