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Schools to be Considered

Each quarter, ACCSC publishes a list of the schools scheduled to be considered at its Commission meeting and requests comments that will assist the Commission in making a decision regarding a pending accreditation action.

Accredited institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies, industry members, the general public and other interested parties are invited to submit written comments pertaining to any school included on the Commission’s School to be Considered list.  

  • Comments should include information that will assist the Commission in making a decision regarding the accreditation action pending for a school.

  • Any comments received will be forwarded to the school, which will then have an opportunity to submit a response to those comments.  

  • The Commission will not accept anonymous comments.

Interested parties may email written comments on the institutions scheduled to be considered by ACCSC at its September 2017 Commission meeting by emailing Holly Eichhorst on or before September 11, 2017.


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